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Dr. Randy Arrington is a graduate of UCLA who served 20 years as a Tactical Naval Aviator in the United States Navy, in both an active-duty and reserve capacity. He flew several different Navy jets including the A-7 Corsair, TA-4 Sky Hawk and S-3A Viking off the flight decks of four different aircraft carriers. Since he started flying, he has logged over 14,000 hours of flight time, made hundreds of carrier-arrested landings, and was a qualified Landing Signal Officer and Instructor Pilot. He was an interceptor pilot for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the Department of Homeland Security for over 21 years and served as Deputy Field Director of the Air and Marine Operations Branch in San Diego, California.

Randy was Executive Producer of the major motion picture Red Sky. The feature film is based on characters from his novel Kerosene Cowboys.  When he is not writing Naval Aviation action novels or turning them into movies in Hollywood, he works for Flight Safety International in Atlanta, Georgia as an Instructor Pilot in the King Air 350 model aircraft. Randy has a PhD in Political Science and has served as an Adjunct Professor teaching both undergraduate and graduate students for ten years at UCLA, UCSD, the University of San Diego, Tulane University, LSU, and the University of New Orleans. Randy has five children who call New Orleans their home.  His oldest son, Captain Ryan Arrington, is an Officer in the United States Army and a veteran of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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