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“I don’t make a habit of routinely tossing out praise for the books I review, as there are few writers alive who can actually write instead of simply compiling sentences into groups, but Randy Arrington’s work has won my affections. This is one pick that I’ll be proud to carry with me.”
Brigit Hartop --The Atlantic Flyer

“Arrington never strays far from total immersion, and keeps the social aspect of Naval Aviation in sharp, entertaining focus. His book is a fun, intriguing tale for aviators, aspirants, fans and general readers whose biggest concern will be trying to figure out how long it will be before they can finally put to sea with the River Rattlers in Arrington’s next Kerosene Cowboys novel.”
Chris Powell-- Hook Magazine

“Unlike Bob Gandt's or Stephen Coonts' military novels, Arrington takes you down in the trenches, into the day-to-day life in minute detail of an attack pilot. From how he goes through the motions of donning the speed jeans to pre-flighting the airplane to conducting a four-ship attack on a target. But you will also learn a lot, even more than you might want to know, about their off-duty activities as well.”
Wayman Dunlap--The Pacific Flyer

Randy Arrington Movies

“Kerosene Cowboys” (The Movie)

Based on characters from Randy Arrington’s hot-selling Naval Aviation action novel, Kerosene Cowboys: Manning the Spare.

The movie follows the rough-riding and hard-living pilots of a “rag tag” squadron of former Navy Fighter Pilots, engaged in a top-secret mission in the Middle East.




Author Randy Arrington and Director Mario Van Peebles on the set of the major motion picture Kerosene Cowboys


In the Works by Randy Arrington

Set sail on an active duty aircraft carrier as LT. Brad “Teen Angel” Ackerman and his VA-204 River Rattler squadron mates fly around the world, fearlessly flying into Harm’s Way onboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).

Follow LCDR Brad “Teen Angel” Ackerman as he joins U.S. Customs Air Operations in New Orleans for a one year exchange tour of duty.  Enjoy the high drama, intrigue and adventure as he fights against international drug cartels and narco-terrorists wreaking havoc all over the Americas.

Kerosene Cowboy - The Country Song
by Jeff Weber, Mark Allison and Randy Arrington

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